12 annoying types of Bombay cabbies that make us want to carpool!

T̶A̶X̶I̶ strike = Carpool!

carpool mumbai

1. The “Mata ka bhakt” cabbie

Pictures of at least five different Gods, Bhajan playing in the background, lemon-chilly and brain-killing agarbatti (incense sticks) that is strong enough to faint the Hulk. You know what we’re talking about, right?

2. The “kachua chap” cabbie

When your cab moves slower than a turtle…Bail Gaadi Alert!!

3. The “Naya in Mumbai” cabbie:

This is a new kid in town who says “Bata dena kaise jaana hai AFTER he says he knows the way”.

4. The “Paan Connoisseur” cabbie:

You’re going to have to speak his language which consists of just mumbles because his mouth is full of paan gak… They hunt for panwadis and take regular pan halts which can be annoying. You might not find a first aid box but you’ll definitely find a pan box in the glove compartment and when he’s done, he can paint the road red while he drives cause the entire world is his spittoon.

5. The “Racer” cabbie:

You better be insured! These guys are far more skilled than the Schumachers & Hamiltons when it comes to swinging and swerving their cabs around Bombay.

6. The “Tharki” cabbie:

Sneaking glances from the rearview mirror every 5 seconds until he realises you know what he was doing.

7. The “Gyaan Giver” cabbie :

He thinks he’s the jack of all trades but really just the master of his taxi.

8. The “Serial Abuser” cabbie:

Whether it’s a cycle a truck or anything in between, come too close and all kinds of abuses fly out of his mouth because he thinks he owns the roads. Need be he is ready to street fight too.

9. The “psychedelic neon lover” cabbie:

Bright red, blue, green LEDs and all other types of blinking lights everywhere. He’s probably driving around in his own 90’s disco.

10. The “trampoline seater” cabbie:

You’ll know it when you feel like you’re sitting on a trampoline.

11. The “OCD” (Obsessive Cab Driver) cabbie:

Won’t allow you to enter from the right side. Wet umbrellas, windcheater, drenched customers, Food, Smoking, etc are a big no no! He has more rules about his cab than our constitution!

12. The “Nay Sayer” cabbie:

These are the ones who do not want to take you nowhere! Whether you want to go 1 km or 100, he is not gonna take you! He’s probably waiting for an Interstellar trip.

We know that Mumbai is a city which is always on the move and with the unexpected Taxi strike in the city today, we want you to keep moving.

We thought of mitigating this problem by bringing in a spirit of collaborative consumption amongst the TaskMitra community. And so we’ve come up with a trending category called #TaxiStrike=CARPOOLING” where it’s easy for you to broadcast your pick up and drop location and connect with someone who will be a true Mitra in your need.

Need to carpool?

We’re here for you!

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