TaskMitra Supports Nepal, Do You?

A 7.8 magnitude Earthquake rattled Nepal (Kathmandu) on the 25th of April, causing absolute chaos and destruction. As you read this the death toll has climbed to over 4000 across the region, including India & Bangladesh. According to government stats, this number could hit 10,000 too. In addition to that the nation will have to deal with the millions affected, and the loss of property and infrastructure. This disastrous calamity has setback Nepal’s economy by more than a decade.  

Currently they’re concentrating on rescue missions, to help the multitudes of survivors stranded there. But considering the damage and devastation, they will be yearning for basic supplies like food, water and power very soon.

The world acknowledges their plight, and people all over have begun sending their support and contribution to Nepal. Our own Government has been proactively helping them through #OperationMaitri, one of the largest relief efforts mounted by India on foreign soil.

In times like this, we too won’t stay away when it comes to showing our #Maitri to our neighbors. TaskMitra has pledged to support Nepal.

Team TASKMITRA is matching up to 10% of the amount for every Task completed on www.taskmitra.com. It will donate these proceeds to the International Medical Corps which is on ground helping earthquake survivors.

By using TaskMitra this fortnight, you too can do your part.

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This is what most of us face during our college years


People… This is for you

What have you always wanted to do ?

What have you always wanted to become ?

When I was in the 6th std, I was asked, what do i want to become in life or which career path do i want to choose based on my interests. The only thing that amazed me, at that point of time in my life, was “Science” and my immediate reply was that I wanted to become a “Scientist”. That was just a spontaneous reply, having no clue that science was a field with a lot of sub categories to consider. Over a period of time, science kept becoming tougher and my interest in it kept getting lesser.

By the time I was in my graduation college, my answer changed to, “I want to become a writer”. Its been quite a few years since then and I am happy to mention that I am still looking to pursue “Writing” as a career option.

Imagine a typical Indian family where all the males work as professionals in either a government organisation or a private one. Any mention of a possible career in a stream which doesn’t guarantee income was considered a “Taboo”. You can imagine how difficult it would have been for me to even consider telling my family members that I was aspiring to become a professional writer. It felt as if i’m trying to tell them “Mom, Dad, I wanna marry a sheep”. This might seem a bit too much to you guys, but trust me their response was as bad as you can imagine.

These were the following questions that were asked to me by my family members. Although they were harsh, they were true.

  1. How will you earn a living suitable enough to provide for a family like ours ?
  2. How do you expect to get a “Rishta” with the salary of a freelance writer ? (I had to start off as a freelancer)
  3. How long will it take for you to collect money equivalent to the amount spent on your education and upbringing till date ? (rough estimate 20 lacs)
  4. How will you manage your own life without a constant salary ?
  5. Why did you spend so much on education when all you wanted to become is a writer ?
  6. How exactly do you intend to showcase your talented works of art (sarcastic) to a producer or director ?

This is what most of us face in our lives during our college years.

Most of us wanted to become writers, photographers, chefs/cooks, start our own consultancy etc, didn’t we?

What did we do to pursue it?

We didn’t pursue it.

We subsided to the pressure of our family and the society, got a nominal paying job, spent life with the regret of “How different would it have been if I had pursued my dreams ?”

Why can’t we begin to relive those dreams ?

Why don’t we consider becoming something we always wanted to. Even if its just as a hobby. Even if its just as part time ?

All you have to do is log into www.taskmitra.com and become a Mitra (service provider) on our portal. Check for jobs or tasks that you would love to do.

You can now come across nature and wildlife photographers just like yourself.

You can start your own home made food supply service in your locality.

You can train someone, in the skills that you have acquired over the years (martial arts, yoga, etc).

You can provide assistance to people who require freelance help.

And you can do all of this while earning a few extra bucks. And how knows, somewhere down the line, you might even consider making this your full time profession.

Have a go at it…!!