TaskMitra Sets You Free This Independence Day

Our Independence Day is revered to be the most esteemed day of the year for India, and yet all it means to us is that – It’s A Holiday! Unfortunately it doesn’t even count as a real holiday this year since it happens to fall on a Saturday. Too bad we know!  

With the Parsi New Year (Pateti) and Raksha Bandhan falling back – to – back with this day, we’ve all made plans already. Amirite?

In true sense, it should be marking 69 years of freedom.  But just think about it, when was the last time you genuinely celebrated independence day. Can’t recall? The fact is that we cannot sense the bitter fight for freedom. Or maybe it’s just that we aren’t patriotic enough until a foreigner ill reputes us or our nation.

Can you really say you’re celebrating freedom on this particular day when all you look forward to, is a holiday from work or college. Where you finally get the time to go shopping (with all those sales and jazz doing the rounds), stock up your groceries, call the mason to fix your leaky roof, take your car to a service centre or clean your loft, the list can go on…

We say, don’t let your chores bog you down on this one day that represents FREEDOM. At TaskMitra we want to help you bring back the good old ways of freedom celebrations.

For starters rise early and go join a freedom run/ride whatever. Dress up patriotically – put on those cotton/khadi kurtas and drape that Tri coloured dupatta. If that’s a little over the top, wear a flag pin on your clothes. Go on, gather your little tots and attend the flag hoisting ceremony conducted in your neighbourhood, sing the National Anthem, socialise along the way and savour some sweets or pedhas post the ceremony.

Just like the entire country – tune into the live telecast from Red Fort, Delhi on DD National and watch the Prime Minister unfurling the Indian Flag and giving a speech at the Lal Quila followed by a parade. Show your young ones what Independence Day Celebration was like when you were a kid and then maybe take them to a restaurant and enjoy a good meal.  Bring in a perfect end to this day with a drive to a brilliantly illuminated Gateway of India or CST. While you marvel their magnificence, you can click a few selfies too!

As for your chores and other to-do’s, leave it all to us, as TaskMitra sets you free. We have a mix plethora of categories which can cater to all your needs.

Give us a shot, get whatever you need done on

Wish you all a very Happy Independence Day, celebrate your Freedom to do Whatever you want!


10 Things That Go From Boring To Badass When You Have Your Friend Around

They say that to solve a problem you need a solution, but in our opinion, all you need is a Friend. They add the silver lining to the darkest cloud, turn the boring to bearable and change the mundane to memorable. If you’ve had a friend or two, or even ten, then you’ll be able to relate to these dreary situations that suddenly turned awesome when you had a buddy by your side.

Watching a terrible movie is torturous, but watching it with a friend while discussing how torturous it is, is super fun.


Cooking becomes a combined activity to show the world what awesomeness looks & tastes like.


Cleaning your wardrobe…nuf said.


Hanging by the door frame of the train with a friend, discussing cricket and politics. Traveling from Dahisar to Dadar, everyday. Problem? None at all.


Attending a lecture, just coz you know your friend’s gonna keep you entertained throughout those 40 mins.


Walk when you talk (to a friend). Simplest way to drop a pound everyday.


Finding a date or talking to someone you like is much more easier when your wingman or wingwoman is by your side.


Going through a dreary breakup? It takes one phone call to a friend to bitch your heart out and get over it.

Living alone: No more boring ‘roti kapda aur makan’ situation…it’s movies, beer, pizza and slumber party nights everyday!


Your “Bae” is the one who can crack the most hillarious jokes no matter where you are, together or away!


Writing points for a blog post is more fun with Friends. YAY


Whether it’s work or play, having a Mitra around makes everything so much better.  This friendship day, we encourage you to take up tasks on together. Share the work, share the bonding, and definitely share the bounty you make, so that you can have a lot many of those pizzas and beers parties.