Stress Less Post More

Stress Less Post More

Tell Us What You need done!

For every task that you’ve got we’ve got a Mitra  to complete it.

Stress less and broadcast more this new year.


Website & IT Stress Less                    Graphic Designing Stress Less

WEBSITE & IT                                      GRAPHIC DESIGN

Deliveries Stress Less                    Fitness Stress Less

DELIVERIES                                         FITNESS

Content Writing Stress Less                    Business & Admin Stress Less

CONTENT WRITING                          BUSINESS & ADMIN

Learning Stress Less                    Housekeeping Stress Less

LEARNING                                            HOUSEKEEPING

Photography Stress Less                    Events Stress Less

PHOTOGRAPHY                                  EVENTS


Fashion & Lifestyle Stress Less                    Beauty & Wellness Stress Less



Pet care Stress Less                    Nannies & Nurses Stress Less

PET CARE                                              NANNIES & NURSES


Legal Issues Stress Less                    Repair Stress Less

LEGAL ISSUES                                    REPAIRS


And many more…

Post Your Tasks Now is a crowdsourced Task Marketplace where you can outsource everyday errands, short-term work, offbeat projects, and receive offers from skilled & trusted people around you, ready to complete them – or be a Mitra yourself and assist others get done with their Tasks and earn!


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