The task poster can choose to pay the Mitra Via:

  • Secured Online Payment
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Card on Delivery (coming soon)

For online payment the Task Poster needs to pay the Task amount, while assigning the Mitra for the Task.

This money is received by Taskmitra.com and is further processed to the Mitra only if the task poster confirms the task completion.

In a situation where the Task is not successfully completed and the Task Poster asks for a refund, the entire task amount is refunded to the Task Poster’s original payment method.

Generally out of pocket expenses are not calculated in the Task amount.

But if either party decide to include it in the task amount, this has to be communicated clearly with the opposite party.

It is FREE to post a task. The price that you agree with the Mitra is what you’ll need to pay once the task is completed. There are no additional fees or hidden costs.

It is FREE to complete a task. As for now Taskmitra.com does not charge any fee to the Mitra to complete task. There are no additional fees or hidden costs.

Taskmitra.com may charge a small Task fee to the Mitra in future on every successful completed task. The fee will be a minimalistic charge for providing our services and this will be intimidated to the Mitra before incorporation/amendment.

True Mitra Guarantee Program protects Task Posters, who pay online while assigning a Mitra with a 100% money back guarantee in case, if the Task is not successfully completed and the Task Poster asks for a refund.

True Mitra guarantee covers the following:

  1. Task not completed until due (For which a dispute is raised).
  2. Task left incomplete.
  3. Task cancellation done by the Mitra or Task Poster.
  4. Task does not comply with online the description.
  5. Technical error if any.

If the mode of payment for the task is Secured Online payment, our algorithms make sure that it gets credited to your Mitra ledger as soon as Task Poster Marks the task complete.

Taskmitra.com is now available in Mumbai