The Story

To trace the origin of TaskMitra, we go back to December 31st 2013. It was New Year’s Eve and co-founders Gautam and Ushma were busy planning a house party. With foods, drinks, lights and music in place, they were sure it would turn out to be a night to remember; which it almost was. Except that, somewhere between setting-up the food, tuning the playlist, mixing drinks, and ensuring everyone was having a great time, they realized how exhausting this all was; and they hadn’t even begun to consider the aftermess that was to follow!

‘If only they had a little help’— was their first thought. But who would’ve fit into their budget and volunteered at the 11th hour?

It was this concern that led to the idea of TaskMitra. Wouldn’t it be convenient if there was a place online where you could just say what you need, when you need it and at what price! Surely there would be someone (professionals, amateurs or even part-timers) around you wanting to earn some extra money by lending their services.

They conceptualized TaskMitra to be such a platform that assists people find the right kind of Mitra (buddy) around town. No more scrolling through directories— stewards, DJs, bartenders, stylists, dance instructors, all easily booked at the click of a button. And that’s not all, this could also double up as a perfect place of opportunities for people (Mitras) wanting to land a pro gig, kick start a career or simply earn extra money doing what they love. A win-win situation for all!

With an idea to make life simpler these guys aim to reinstate the buddy system, where they believe that help is just a Mitra away!

"So if you need help with your chores, errands or just something in general, go ahead and tell us what you’re looking for."

The People

TaskMitra is founded by Gautam Gokhale and Ushma Khabaria.

A go-getter and visionary Gautam always had an itch to start up from a very young age. His passion to innovate something simple and intuitive resulted into TaskMitra. He handles the company’s Financial and Tech front. This workaholic by day also loves to enjoy a fine share of opulence otherwise.

With her gumptious biz genes, entrepreneurship comes naturally to Ushma. At TaskMitra, she enjoys networking and marketing the business. On homeground she is also the resident perfectionist, making sure Taskmitra runs scrupulously. When she’s not busy, this bon vivant fancies travelling and exploring the world around her.

Core Team

Gautam Gokhale
Co-Founder, CTO
Ushma Khabaria
Co-Founder, CEO
Pratiksha Shetty
Akar Gosrani
Social Media Marketing
Vanessa Luis
Content & Copywriting
Nikhil Mestry
Business Development
Shivram Jogle
Office Aide
Photo is now available in Mumbai