Showcase your SKILL and earn MONEY

“A simple stone can be sold for higher value, if its sold with high values…”

This line is not written by anyone great, but the reason to start writing with this line is because this is something that I have learned, or I can say that this is our culture at TaskMitra, which teaches don’t sell or don’t make anyone to use our service just because its free or cheap. This blog is not to point out what others are doing or what we are doing different as compared to them. But this is to share the values that are been used to build TaskMitra and make it useful for you.


If an ammature Eagle doesn’t get the space where it can try its wings , it will never know that what possibilities are hidden in its wings , it can never even imagine how high it can fly…

Similarly in this competitive world, if SOMEONE doesn’t get a chance or the space to show his skill then, he can never prove his existence in the market on the globe. TaskMitra is that space which allows each and everyone to showcase their skill and earn money.

Today for starting a business or to start earning, all we need is Skills, Hard Work and Dedication. TaskMitra ain’t here for a particular individual or profession. Anyone who needs help and anyone who is skillful to help, can reap from our service.

As we all know,

HELPING IS THE BASIC NATURE OF US HUMANS. But most of the time people who need help never know whom to ask for help. Likewise  people who are ready to help never know whom to help. And this same thing happens in our sloppy service sector market.

No No, don’t worry ,

I am not going to explain “how unorganized the market is” or  “how to make it organised”, but I am going to give you a Gist of its UN-organization.

Now lets take an example wherein you are in need of a handyman for fixing something at home. What you usually do is… you  go to some hardware shop asking for someone who can help you out, then he will give the number (if he has any),and then you will call him, ask whether he can do it for you, and the whole long process goes on for just fixing a small thing.  aahhhh!! its so boring and time consuming, in that time you would have clicked some selfies, posted it on some social media…


From the handyman’s side, they don’t have any chance of getting customers without  any recommendation. And this is just an example for one service that you need. But this happens for all types of help you need.


I say “Life can never be this easy, if you are not at TaskMitra” and after that example I can surely say that TaskMitra makes life easy.

Now lets again say you are in a situation wherein you need a handyman, you will just have to broadcast it, or being more social I can say share WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND at and you can get your work done in just few clicks.


Isn’t this easy.

YES, because helping is also our NATURE, as we are a humans too.. 😉 😛

BAD jokes apart, but yes TaskMitra is born with the value of helping.

And working for TaskMitra and being a part of a change is something that makes me feel the difference.


In life, somewhere or the other we all need help,

and TaskMitra is always ready, so that you get time for yourself…


AND one last line for all of you.


And we are live…!!


After all the tough endeavors, anticipation & excitement, we’re happy to shout out loud that is NOW LIVE!!!

And guess what??  We know this is just the beginning! is a community Marketplace where you can Broadcast your Tasks and find verified and skilled Mitras to help you complete them, or choose to be a Mitra yourself and assist others get done with their Tasks for some quick earns.

Yes it is our 1st blog and yes we know that there is a lot of inquisitiveness..

Hence its time to get you’ll  familiar with the genesis of TaskMitra.

Lets go back to December 31st 2013. It was New Year’s Eve and our co-founders Gautam and Ushma were busy planning a house party. With foods, drinks, lights and music in place, they were sure it would turn out to be a night to remember; which it almost was. Except that, somewhere between setting-up the food, tuning the playlist, mixing drinks, and ensuring everyone was having a great time, they realized how exhausting this all was; and they hadn’t even begun to consider the after mess that was to follow!

‘If only they had a little help’— was their first thought. But who would’ve fit into their budget and volunteered at the 11th hour?

It was this concern that led to the idea of TaskMitra.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if there was a place online where you could just say what you need, when you need it and at what price! Surely there would be someone (professionals, amateurs or even part-timers) around you wanting to earn some extra money by lending their services.

They conceptualized TaskMitra to be such a platform that assists people find the right kind of Mitra (buddy) around town. No more scrolling through directories— stewards, DJs, bartenders, stylists, dance instructors, all easily booked at the click of a button. And that’s not all, this could also double up as a perfect place of opportunities for people (Mitras) wanting to land a pro gig, kick start a career or simply earn extra money doing what they love. A win-win situation for all!

With an idea to make life simpler these guys aim to reinstate the buddy system, where they believe that help is just a Mitra away!

“So now  if you need help with your chores, errands or just something in general, go ahead and tell us what you’re looking for.”

Using Taskmitra is ridiculously easy!

Get all your tasks completed in a quick and easy way.

All you need to do is..

  • ASSIGN                             

 You may also put your skills to use – complete Tasks & earn it up.

  • BROWSE TASKS                   
  • MAKE AN OFFER                           
  • EARN

All that we need to make your lives  easy  is, your participation & support and we believe that we shall earn it.

Lastly, all we’d like to say is..see you online..