Marketplace Rules

Personal Conduct

TaskMitra users are other people from your local community and you never know who you might meet – they may even be someone you already know. Who knows – you most likely have common friends or acquaintances? So treat people as you would like to be treated yourself and use common sense so that we can all enjoy being part of the TaskMitra community. If you see any abusive communications sent through TaskMitra please let us know by using the report button.

Remember, you're working with people who live in your community. Be respectful and courteous, and it'll be smooth sailing. Feel free to contact, Tweet to us @TaskMitra or call us on 80-80-80-8275 / 80-80-80-TASK(Available 24x7) with any questions or concerns.

A marketplace is only as strong as the people in it. Help build your local TaskMitra marketplace by leaving a review & Ratings after every task Completion, and telling your family and friends about the amazing experiences you've had on TaskMitra. Mitra will thank you, and may even throw in an extra effort something in your next interaction.

What is Prohibited on TaskMitra

You can get almost any task done through TaskMitra, but here are some things that aren't allowed:

  1. Tasks or comments which advertise third party services or websites
  2. Escort /escort type services or solicitation,inducing or encouraging of such services
  3. Services that are illegal or solicitation,inducing or encouraging of such services.
  4. Services that promote hatred or violence against specific groups of people.
  5. Commission, financial return or financial transaction based requests
  6. Fraudulent requests or misrepresentations of assessment
  7. Advertising, requests for selling services or requests for jobs
  8. Tasks or content which is obscene or sexually explicit in nature
  9. Requests for sexual activity of any kind. Requests / Solicitation for drugs delivery.
  10. Anything related to weapons or unlawful activity. This includes soliciting, inducing or encouraging illegal acts or requesting goods or services in furtherance of a crime.
  11. Comments or tasks that are considered trolling, derogatory or off topic

Task Guidelines

All tasks must comply with applicable local laws and regulations. Don't post anything that is not legal. Do not post private contact details (such as your full name, email address or phone number) in task posts or public comments. For your safety and to maintain the integrity of the TaskMitra marketplace, we suggest that you only communicate through TaskMitra.

Once you’ve chosen a Mitra for your task, you may need to share more information or discuss private matters and this communication should be done through TaskMitra Messenger Service private messaging – that way, if anything needs to be sorted out, it’s all there in writing.

If you suspect a task may violate these policies, please report it to us using "flag as inappropriate button” Users who breach the marketplace rules may have their account moderated, suspended or deactivated.

Here is a simple list of some of our key rules.

  1. All tasks posted must be legal and all Mitra must be legally entitled to perform the task.
  2. Tasks must be paid for by Cash / Online payment thru our Payment Gateway options / Card payment on delivery thru mPoS devices.
  3. You must be over the age of 18 to use TaskMitra.
  4. Your account is your Personal responsibility – you must maintain control of it and it’s not transferrable.

Important Tips:

  1. We Don't share or display your contact for your privacy and to prevent SPAM, don’t put your email address or contact details in Open Chat section. Private messages can be used to share this info once a task is assigned.
  2. Do Upload a profile photo, Complete your Profile, get Facebook, Google+, Twitter verified so people can get to know who they are working with & Improves your credibility & community reputation and helps get tasks Assigned Faster.


Because transactions take place between you and another person in your local community, and all agreements are final, TaskMitra can’t issue refunds in cash for any reason. If you feel you may have been the victim of a crime, document what happened and contact the police. If a crime has taken place in relation to a TaskMitra transaction, provide us with a copy of the police report so that we can follow up and take appropriate action.

Abuse the marketplace, face the consequences.

That might sounds a little doomsday, but basically, it means anyone who fails to uphold their end of the task will be asked to leave. For first strikes, TaskMitra will step in to help mediate the situation, but repeated abusive behavior will end in violators being shown to the door.

Violations for Mitra may include:

  • Not responding to orders or messages after a conversation has been initiated
  • Violating community trust and safety
  • Poor communication.
  • Failure to respond to and resolve customer complaints about a completed order
  • Subcontracting work without discussing with the customer

Violations for Task Posters may include:

  • Not being available to get work done during the times you requested
  • Ending communication without explanation after a task is assigned
  • Poor or Abusive communication.
  • Soliciting Mitra through messaging /comments for your own business
  • Failure to pay for the agreed-upon service.


  • First offense: Warning, TaskMitra will step in to mediate.
  • Second offense: 30 day suspension.
  • Third offense: Full account suspension.

Please read the TaskMitra Privacy Policy and Terms & conditions Use in addition to the above rules.


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